How Do Credit Cards Work?

When you get a credit card, you don’t just swipe the plastic to make a purchase. Depending on your income, debts and the amount of credit available on your other cards, you may be authorized for a certain credit limit. Once you have your card, payments are processed through payment networks that ensure the money […]

How to Get a Credit Card

If you’re wondering how to get a credit card, you’re not alone. You may be wondering how to get a credit card, or what the requirements are. The following article outlines the steps needed to apply for a credit card, check your credit report to ensure approval, and find out what the requirements are for […]

How Does a Credit Card Work?

If you have ever wondered how a credit card works, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans have been wondering the same thing. There are so many facets of using a credit card, from interest charges to minimum payments to the grace period. Here’s an explanation of each. To get started, read the details of each […]